This might ACTUALLY be worth $1,500 - Logitech G X Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

2020 15 اوت
840 034 بازدید

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So this chair came out of nowhere and it made some waves in the community, but does it give us a good first impression other than the $1500 price tag?
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  • NOTE: We apologize for using b-roll of a MAXNOMIC chair at 1:52. Colton was referring to an old DX Racer chair.

    ShortCircuitShortCircuitپیش 2 ماه
    • its kinda funny because I have a maxnomic chair and Im thinking of upgrading it. Im definitely gonna miss the 4 way arms tho...

      UltraTaco223UltraTaco223پیش ماه
    • Copper infused seat for cooling? So it’s like a heatsink for your ass?

      Nick RotoloNick Rotoloپیش ماه
    • @Demainer10 He's supposed to be on camera. From what I noticed the person presenting doesn't have the mask on for presentation and audio purposes, but sometimes those invited to be on the camera for a bit have their masks on cuz they were just going on about their work day

      Dee JayDee Jayپیش ماه
    • why is he the only guy not wearing a mask in the office?

      Demainer10Demainer10پیش ماه
    • Please try and use both imperial AND metric scales when you point out length/weights. We are many from outside the US that watches your videos. Not to forget that you live in Canada and use the metric system yourselves :) This goes for all your channels, main channel specific, I guess. Thanks.

      DavidDavidپیش 2 ماه
  • This seems like a review for a very expensive chair from someone who’s never seen a chair before. Waste of time

    Raldor SRaldor Sپیش روز
  • Looks like a rip-off

    Gustav CalderGustav Calderپیش 2 روز
  • 1.5k and no rgb idk man

    MichaelMichaelپیش 2 روز
  • For that price, the adjustment should be motorized and remote controlled

    ghostJammerzghostJammerzپیش 2 روز
  • Purchasing this chair is an IQ test.

    Nathan RayesNathan Rayesپیش 3 روز
  • Looks like Herman Miller teamed up with Logitech just to slap an extra $200 on the price. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same exact chair?

    Ga MeGa Meپیش 4 روز
  • im watching this sitting on a non back plastic chair Lol

    pavonispavonisپیش 4 روز
  • That's how much I spent on a PC

    Sk560Sk560پیش 4 روز
  • man i would buy it if it was free but the shipping was 1500 dollars

    Emil IsgrenEmil Isgrenپیش 4 روز
  • It’s not.

    derMemoryderMemoryپیش 5 روز
  • can you compare embody with Backstrong c1?

    Freedom 90Freedom 90پیش 5 روز
  • 100% sponsoring, 100% useless chair, 100% plastic, 100% expensive, 100% fake reactions, 100% not a chair expert, 100% no thank you! just blablablablabla....

    Pyr GuardianPyr Guardianپیش 6 روز
  • The best back support are strong back muscles. Hit the gym not the chair!

    ZoMbIEx23xZoMbIEx23xپیش 7 روز
  • "Im 160 pounds...." Wait what???

    Emeer HakeemEmeer Hakeemپیش 7 روز
  • An over-supported back becomes a weak back.

    Jack RottenJack Rottenپیش 8 روز
  • Circuit: Mom I got the best “High Tech Gaming Chair” it’s only 1500. Mom: Checks paypal oh I’ll get you gaming chair alright

    SpheralySpheralyپیش 8 روز
  • would go with any premium business chair over this "gaming" crap :D

    unturned warzone Zunturned warzone Zپیش 9 روز
  • My bank acc crying

    Justin NgJustin Ngپیش 9 روز
  • this chair cost more than my car

    Vincent AuriemmaVincent Auriemmaپیش 10 روز
  • I just bought that bad boy

    Jackson PerrinJackson Perrinپیش 10 روز
  • I do herman Miller furniture an steel case this is awesome

    michael lancemichael lanceپیش 11 روز
  • Wearing a mask inside is stupid at home and work. WHO THE HELL WILL SPEND 2000 ON A STUPID CHAIR?

    SkyRaSkyRaپیش 12 روز
  • i gotta ask, why do gaming chairs only support short kinda stubby gamers ? I'm 6'4" 400lbs and that chair couldn't possibly fit me, nor would i pay 1500 dollars for a rip off.

    Robert BrainardRobert Brainardپیش 13 روز
  • i feel bad for the people in his match

    exodusexodusپیش 13 روز
  • This guy is too fucking funny lmao

    EduardoKicksEduardoKicksپیش 13 روز
  • I literally just discovered this channel, and this video has me cracking up!

    QuanicusQuanicusپیش 13 روز
  • Very hi-tech and cool chair considering how highly regarded Herman Miller in its space. Tbh you guys aren’t doing justice to the review itself. Such a shame.

    Anes BudimanAnes Budimanپیش 13 روز
  • This chair was in lucy 2014 movie link is above to view this

    Tech BugsTech Bugsپیش 13 روز
  • And Logitech thinks gamers are gonna pay $1,500 for this. BAHAHAHAHLOLLOLAHAHAHA Oh. Wait. But free shipping.

    Chris ArroyoChris Arroyoپیش 14 روز
  • Can it run Crysis?

    Nelson BatonghinogNelson Batonghinogپیش 16 روز
  • I prefer the material "cloth" on the normal embody.

    John SmithJohn Smithپیش 16 روز
    • you tried this one?

      LeBron JamesLeBron Jamesپیش 14 روز
  • We need more of Colton ! .

    KaveenKaveenپیش 16 روز
  • Riley is such a dad

    jacob dennisjacob dennisپیش 16 روز
  • After spending months on a dining chair my back was hurting. Herman to the rescue. Used fully loaded models can be picked up for $400, a must if you work seated all day everyday.

    Dean NoDean Noپیش 17 روز
    • where?

      Katsuo FujitaKatsuo Fujitaپیش 9 روز
  • I hate my gaming chair armrests. Super grippy material and way to far forward so i have to struggle to move my arm, or have no elbow support because my desk isn’t deep enough to have my entire arm on it

    Aikano9Aikano9پیش 20 روز
  • It is so not worth the money!

    V1N 574V1N 574پیش 20 روز
    • @Katsuo Fujita Thanks for being kind!

      V1N 574V1N 574پیش 9 روز
    • @V1N 574 Appreciate it. Sometimes those who simply state "this this that that" in short comments have a vast knowledge so I appreciate your input! Sorry to pick on you my man.

      Katsuo FujitaKatsuo Fujitaپیش 9 روز
    • @Katsuo Fujita Very Well, Obviously I haven't tested this chair in person and this video is not a review about it but it seams so basic settings for that huge price tag, feels like you are only paying for branding which is apple like stupidity. Doesn't have a head rest, by the sound for the arm rest it sounds cheap and the chair is rated top 300 pounds. the only thing I see that is nice (not unique) but useful is the adjustable seat depth where other chairs just slide the whole thing in and out this has a pretty rolling mechanism. I think is nice for maybe 700 to 800 because of the big box it comes already build and free standard shipping and the warranty for 12 years well maybe 1K. but 1.5K..... not worth it doesn't bring anything new or unique to the table just branding gaming logo. Of course this is my opinion and it was ask on the video to comment if I thought it was worth it haha.

      V1N 574V1N 574پیش 9 روز
    • @V1N 574 Can you back that up? I'm not challenging you, I know it appears that way online these days. Do do you have substantial points to make?

      Katsuo FujitaKatsuo Fujitaپیش 9 روز
    • @Katsuo Fujita is too expensive.

      V1N 574V1N 574پیش 9 روز
  • Chair costing more than pc....

    ze lolze lolپیش 22 روز
  • American made price gouging

    jules iglesjules iglesپیش 23 روز
  • for $1500 you can buy yourself a new spine off the black market

    Aditya SinghAditya Singhپیش 23 روز
  • That is hands down the worst 1500$ ever spent!

    Blink0711Blink0711پیش 24 روز
  • Get what ever gaming chair you want, you still suck at csgo and valorant

    RaveCoaster69RaveCoaster69پیش 25 روز
  • not worth 1500 usd sorry not sorry

    john_wick_ infuriated_60hzjohn_wick_ infuriated_60hzپیش 26 روز
  • I like it when you invite other people of your group to test out different products, allways fun :D

    Sebastian DiemSebastian Diemپیش 26 روز
  • 1500 dollars? No thanks! 350-450, I’m in.

    Luis OchoaLuis Ochoaپیش 26 روز
  • What a fantastic place to "work" at. It would be 5 o'clock before you know it.

    Kevin PaskeviciusKevin Paskeviciusپیش 26 روز
  • You sitting with masks in the office? lmao

    Rodimir YankovRodimir Yankovپیش 27 روز
  • These guys don't even know how to sit in a char wtf?

    S.M.PS.M.Pپیش 27 روز
  • This is so extra

    LemonLemonپیش 27 روز
  • When peasants discover Herman Miller and can’t bother to read the manual to know what the nobs are

    EddEddپیش 28 روز
  • Overpriced, no matter how good it is. You can buy two computers and a ps5 for that amount of money

    MaxemoreMaxemoreپیش 28 روز
  • 1:04 the laugh of a serial killer

    ChefChefپیش 29 روز
  • 3:46 valorant running in background

    Rishi RawatRishi Rawatپیش 29 روز
  • I have that exact same shirt and that really threw me off

    DatGarciaGarcia _DatGarciaGarcia _پیش 29 روز
  • A Hobbit reviews a chair.

    MALOMALOپیش 29 روز
  • is it ok even if there's no head rest?

    Pat VPat Vپیش ماه
  • 160 pounds 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

    MessyMessyپیش ماه
  • I would definitely assume that a chair this expensive would have some kind of button so that you wouldn't actually have to reach underneath the chair to adjust it. This is like a computer case not coming with a top or front power button and expecting you to press one on the backplate for the motherboard every time.

    Erik TorglerErik Torglerپیش ماه
  • You would think for $1500, the thing fits to your back with silent motors after the push of a silent button or activates when u sit on it.

    henry fordhenry fordپیش ماه
  • That chair almost cost the same price as my computer... FOR A CHAIR!

    MeueesMeueesپیش ماه
  • Share chair content, please. I am positive that I am the first person writing this - ever ;)

    Ralf SiegesmundRalf Siegesmundپیش ماه
  • Is it nice? Sure. Is it $1500 nice? Probably not.

    Basic ShapesBasic Shapesپیش ماه
  • Your body looks like its made of jelly. Like a wet sticky palm. Dude go to the gym ffs.

    mjs1231mjs1231پیش ماه
  • This chair cost more than my entire setup

    Achmad NaufalAchmad Naufalپیش ماه
  • why would anyone ever buy something like this... they probably have a 1000% margin xD

    Kevin DiekKevin Diekپیش ماه
    • yeah nah. look at the back on that thing. it looks like a nanosuit

      UltraTaco223UltraTaco223پیش ماه
  • i was disappointed in this chair. didn't feel worth 1500. honestly, it didn't feel great after all the adjustment. just felt like another chair to sit in. probably really good for your back but it didn't give me a good first impression. i sat in it and was like "is that it...?". i expected more. i sat in the herman miller aeron next to it and instantly i wanted the aeron

    DrBlitz 22DrBlitz 22پیش ماه
  • Hey, I'm on the marketing team of a new company, I just need to know if slavery can qualify as an ethically clean source

    Ben BirchmanBen Birchmanپیش ماه
  • 1500 and it doesn't come with a head rest or a leg rest???

    Todd JonesTodd Jonesپیش ماه
  • Who noticed the twilight books?

    Quinn HalpernQuinn Halpernپیش ماه
  • i have a herman miller embody and all it does is either hurt my back or remind me my big and tall $200 chair from office depot was more comfortable

    Joe PakJoe Pakپیش ماه
  • Put more masks it will help even more

    Todor TodorovTodor Todorovپیش ماه
  • $1,500 no head rest

    HyenaHyenaپیش ماه
  • Yall didn't go over the difference to the normal embody chair tho

    Ben WallaceBen Wallaceپیش ماه
  • I tried it. It's not worth $1500. The price is a JOKE.

    The Therminator777The Therminator777پیش ماه
  • Actually got a Herman Miller chair a couple of months ago, it’s been amazing, you could sit in that thing for like 8 hours and feel zero strain on your back, the negative part is sitting in other chairs for long periods of time after it

    AlexeyAlexeyپیش ماه
  • If I can't pass out in the chair and wake up 12hr later without cramps then it's not a gaming chair for me.

    William MurphyWilliam Murphyپیش ماه
  • maybe it is sick, but its not the watercooled chair, and im much less interested

    ilovefunnyamv2ndilovefunnyamv2ndپیش ماه
  • i have herman miller its fantastic realy but i have the mira

    alessandro bovioalessandro bovioپیش ماه
  • Except fkr the reviewer everyone else is wearing the mask😂

    JEFIN J AJEFIN J Aپیش ماه
  • It’s happening!!!!!! Lol

    Eric HigginsEric Higginsپیش ماه
  • the watercooled gaming chair will be the real ultimate chair

    Vulpox FilmesVulpox Filmesپیش ماه
  • This chair was made for shorter people, I'm 185 cm and had to get rid of if because the back support is just too short and the top edges of the chair will dig into your back. No headrest might be the biggest fault with this chair, thought I didn't need it but boy was I wrong. You also can't judge something you might use for 8+ hours a day just by sitting in it once. Sure it feels nice when you are sitting with perfect posture, but I can confidently say that most people don't sit like that for multiple hours of gaming.

    EvenFlowEvenFlowپیش ماه
  • I have a regular Herman Miller chair and I will say it is worth the money

    Adrian ChenAdrian Chenپیش ماه
  • daaamn! with this chair you will be winning every game in Apex Legends!

    Raptor SwireRaptor Swireپیش ماه
  • more chair content please

    Srinath VSrinath Vپیش ماه
  • Me: Congratulations, you have gained 50 pounds! American: ): Brit: (:

  • Honestly like Herman Miller are great but the autonomous ergo chair is only like $350 for a really high quality ergonomic chair, personally I wouldn’t want to drop a grand or more on a chair but a choice of one of these for over a grand or one of those shit racing chairs for like a hundred? I’d save up the extra money lmao can’t understand why anyone buys them

    123 456123 456پیش ماه
  • wouldnt even consider buying those chairs. Got a nice lazy boy office chair with memory foam, it is great and cost less than $300 lol...

    lol hahalol hahaپیش ماه
  • Spending $500 on a slightly used Herman Miller Aeron classic chair was the best money I ever spent on furniture. anything more expensive is just for show, nothing beats a classic.

    * AnimalHeadSpirit ** AnimalHeadSpirit *پیش ماه
  • no chair is worth 1500 ..........did they say you could keep it for a positive review

    paul humphreyspaul humphreysپیش ماه
  • poor people in the valorant match :( dat afk

    StudyLoopsStudyLoopsپیش ماه
  • this is basically crack for computer people

    D. O. O.D. O. O.پیش ماه
  • bro you looks like an Egyptian rapper called marwan mossa

    Mostafa ElsheikhMostafa Elsheikhپیش ماه
  • not worth it. Better to just buy a normal embody or aeron Also his statement at the end makes no sense. The Embody has been out for awhile and this version changes very little. I'm just happy to see a gaming chair that isn't complete shit. You don't need side bolsters people. You aren't in a fucking race car

    disciprinedisciprineپیش ماه
  • im literally using a chair with metal back support and wooden seat. its killing me. esspecially when i have to code haha

    Chris GrahamChris Grahamپیش ماه
  • And here i am with a chair that is barely standing and my back hurting after two hours

    PiercePierceپیش ماه
  • send me 1 free

    Hatori IbukiHatori Ibukiپیش ماه
  • Doesn’t look like it’s worth 1500 that’s a 3090 right there

    RemyLordSkiRemyLordSkiپیش ماه
  • That chair costs more than my whole setup

    Michael HardisonMichael Hardisonپیش ماه
  • I cringed so hard at how little he knows lol

    CTICTIپیش ماه